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Every single collection is made from the same and unique fabric: a well-studied stretch fabric matching perfectly modern women’s expectations.

This exclusive fabric, thin or bonded, is sometimes mixed with other luxurious materials such as silk, cashmere, or fur. This combination of textures reveals sensual and timeless lines.

Its extendible nature fits all shapes and feels like a second skin. Perfect for the colder or the warmer seasons, its composition offers a permanent feeling of freshness and comfort. Furthermore, by being washable at 30°C, light and crease-resistant, each item is travel-ready.

Johanne Riss is sensible to sustainable development. The fabric is produced in a way that respects the environment, as its fabrication requires 20% less energy and 50% less water than similar fabrics.

The main goal is to protect the Yaboti Biosphere reserve in Argentina where the fauna is diverse, including many endangered, and rare species of reptiles, birds and mammals, particularly those of economic importance rendered rare through illegal trafficking.

« 1m of fabric = 1m of preserved forest »